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by GUS (the Theatre Cat)

Hello everyone,

I overheard ​Mom talking on Sunday and I was surprised to find out that the ​Golden Isles Fiberartist ​Guild exhibit is only​ up​ through this Sunday, March 1st​! What!?! You mean my favorite ​quilt to ​lie on​ in the sun and watch everyone walk up and down the street is only here until Sunday​!​? Anyone who hasn't seen it yet,​ really needs to come in this week.

Of course​, if you're coming to see the play this weekend (I mean, me, of course) it will be a prime opportunity to see this wonderful exhibit before it leaves. The quilt ​ that is hanging​ in the window is being raffled off on Saturday​, so if you haven't bought your tickets, you better come see us soon. And ​the baskets of goodies are also​ being raffled off on Saturday​. They are so popular I may have to get me a ticket just to see what all the fuss is about.

The Gallery is open Wednesday through Friday 11am - 5pm and Saturday 11am - 4pm. ​I might be taking my nap when you come, but don't be discouraged. Come back on First Friday ​to see the new exhibits ​and you might catch a glimpse of me before Mom decides I need to go to my room (more on this later).

​Don't forget that this is the last weekend to see ​Everybody ​Loves Opal. ​ I cannot believe that with the number of people that came to see the play this weekend that not a single person offered me any of their desserts. I believe I addressed this issue in my last missive. I guess I can understand. They are overwhelmed by how enjoyable coming to a play at the Brunswick Actors' Theatre is and their human brains can only handle so much.

So, when you come to a play, see me first, and then you can concentrate on the food and entertainment.


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