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2019 October Art & Craft

Market Participants

My Dad's Butterflies - Butterflies and Dragonflies made of recycled plastic soda bottles
Pinata Publishing - Books by Pamela Bauer Mueller

Heroes, Legends & Superstars - First name origins & meanings; sports art

Deborah Gleichmann - Mixed Media

Savannah Sam Photography - Photography

Designs by DeeDee - handmade bags, one-of-a-kind cameo bracelets, etc.

Body & Soul - Natural herbal deodorant, toothpaste, essential oil products

Waddell Leather - Leather goods

Wentz & Co. Designs - Woodcraft

Christmas Spiders by Lisa - Beaded Christmas spider ornament & needlepoint

Street Sauce Signs - Reclaimed wood/pallets made into bird houses and signs

Barbara Hilley

The Enchanted Oilers - Handmade natural health remedies

Sharon Stevens - Collages, Abstract Art, and Charcoal Portraits, Charcoal Art

Designs of Whimsy by Nancy - Decorated Stainless Steel Tumblers

SerezDesign - Fine handcrafted zinc jewelry

Copper Tree Pottery - Pottery

Khayman Elizabeth LLC - handcrafted leather, pearl and natural gemstone jewelry

Salty Sisters - Shell art creations 

A Unique Twist - Custom design jewelry

Mangobeat - wooden sculptures that can amplify sound without any source of energy

Katie Howard - window paintings and wood crafts

Stone Creek Society - Jewelry, leather goods, art and apparel

Circle R Wreaths- Homemade burlap, grapevine, and deco mesh wreaths

Side Gig Designs - Customized epoxied tumblers

ArtisticKinetic - wind chimes and other nick knacks made mixed media

Sand Dollar Point - Jewelry, beach/tote bags, educational book series

South Style Designs by Jules - Arrangements from wedding bouquets and home deco

Twist and Bend - Hand crafted bags and jewelry

Pottery by Celeste - functional stoneware pottery

FIERO LLC - Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

Lynn's Creations - Handcrafted Dips

Lynda Keen Jewelry - Handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry

Cobblestone Creations - Upcycle - bottlecap art-paintings on pallet wood - acrylic pours

... more to come every day!

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